SAPI Code of Conduct

The SAPI Code of Conduct is established by SAPI with the approval of its members. It provides guidance for the proper conduct in the marketing and promotion of medicinal products, and serves as the basis for self-discipline within the industry.

SAPI-Code of Conduct 2023-JPG

Code of Conduct Jan 2023

Guiding Principles for Patient Support Programs-JPG

Guiding Principles for  Patient Support Programs (PSP)

COC-Feb22 (cover)

Code of Conduct Feb 2022

SAPI Code 2021_1 August 2021

Code of Conduct Aug 2021

Code of Conduct Feb 2021

Code of Conduct Feb 2021

SAPI Code 2020-July 2020 img

Code of Conduct July 2020


SAPI Virtual Engagement Guidance_July 2020

Code of Conduct 2020

Code of Conduct Feb 2020

SAPI Letter to HCPs on Sponsorship

Letter to HCPs on Sponsorships (2019)

SAPI Code Of Conduct 2019

Code of Conduct 2019

SAPI Sponsorship to Third Party Events FAQ

Sponsorship to 3rd Party Events FAQs (2019)

SAPI Code of Conduct 2018

Code of Conduct 2018

SAPI Code of Marketing Practices 2016

Code of Conduct 2016

Competition Guidelines Governing SAPI Meetings

Competition Guidelines Governing SAPI Meetings

SAPI Position Papers

You can find SAPI’s take on various issues here in this section.

Deloitte Position Paper SAPI

Deloitte Position Paper

Addressing the Burden of Cancer in Singapore

Addressing the Burden of Cancer in Singapore

Fostering Intellectual Property and Innovation for Biopharmaceuticals

Fostering IP & Innovation for Biopharmaceuticals

Media and Press Releases

Media Statement - New SAPI President_page

SAPI New President-w.e.f. 25 August 2021

SAPI New President

SAPI New President-w.e.f. 1 December 2020

SAPI comments on MSL 2020 Review_Public Consultation _Oct 2020

SAPI comments on MSL 2020 Review (Public Consultation, Oct 2020)

Media Statement - SAPI Supportive of PMComments_3Sep2020

SAPI Supportive of PM Comments (3 Sep 2020)


World Lung Cancer Day (31 July 2020)



Other Publications

None available at the moment.