Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries SAPI Vision

The Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (SAPI) aims to make innovative medicine accessible to patients in Singapore. We achieve this through a sustainable and valued partnership with healthcare professionals and providers, government and patient group stakeholders, and a reputation of consistent ethical behavior.

About SAPI

The Association was founded on 26 May 1966. We were then known as the Pharmaceutical Trade Association.

On 19 December 1975, the Association’s name was changed to the Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (SAPI). The change in the name was to encompass a wider spectrum of pharmaceutical related businesses into the Association—namely the distributors, manufacturers, representative offices and affiliated companies.

In 2016, SAPI celebrated its 50th Anniversary—50 years of contributing to the healthcare sector and community in many ways including enhancing quality of healthcare through innovative medicines and R&D, adding value to the economy through investment in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical studies facilities and developing talents in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Our members are primarily research-based biopharmaceutical multinational companies with novel/ innovative products.

As a body, SAPI

1) Promotes ethical practices
– High-standards of ethical practices
– Self-regulating through our members’ voluntary acceptance and adherence to the SAPI Code of Conduct

2) Seeks collaborative dialogues

3) Promote the understanding of the value of innovative medicines, to extend and enhance human life, through effective dialogues with the government, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.

Our Constitution

The Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries’ Constitution is available for viewing and download here.

Application for Membership

We have two categories of membership:


This category is restricted to pharmaceutical companies involved directly in the marketing of pharmaceutical products in Singapore. Generally, these companies are research-based multinational companies involved in Research and Development of novel products, and registered to operate in Singapore


This category is open to any entity registered in Singapore, which is engaged in the promotion and advertising of medicinal products, or in the market research, publication or other activities related to medicinal products.

The application for membership shall be considered and approved by the SAPI Board of Directors. If approved, and upon payment of the prescribed entrance and membership fees, the applicant shall thereupon become a Member and shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association. However, note that Associate Members:

– shall not Propose or Second any Member for election to the Board,
– shall not vote at any General election,
– shall not be eligible to be a Board Director.

Please email the SAPI secretariat at should you require more information.